First off, we would like to thank you for even considering to donate to our store.
All funds donated will go back into the server which will benefit you as players!
We aim to make the server a comfortable and enjoyable place for everyone.

Over on our donation store, you are able to purchase various in-game ranks, keys, and commands.
But that's not all! We will soon be adding more in-game benefits to our donators.

We also value your feedback! Think that we are not doing something right? Voice it out to us!
Here are a few channels that you can use to get in touch with the server administrators:

Diorite's Official Discord

Diorite's Official Website

Before you purchase, we have a couple of IMPORTANT notes that you as a player have to follow:
1) There shall be NO refunds provided after every sale. All purchases are final and we will seek to rectify all issues in game.
2) Any chargebacks will result in account termination with immediate effect. Please contact us prior to any chargebacks.
3) To ensure that you receive the item that you purchased, we strongly recommend that you enter the correct Minecraft username that you are using on Diorite servers.
4) You are advised to read our Terms and Conditions before purchasing from our store, this is to mitigate any issues relating to transactional purchases.
5) If you are ever in doubt or have any questions that you would like to ask us, please use the proper channels provided above.

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